Preparing-for-a-Samoan-Christmas-Faith-Family-Feasts Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Preparing for a Samoan Christmas; Faith, Family & Feasts

To ensure that your Samoan Christmas is the perfect blend of tradition and joy, it's important to start planning early. Samoans planning? Yes Sina! It is possible and to match our Samoan weather in December, there is possibility of some light rainfall and storm clouds – just a little!
There-s-as-much-to-unlearn-as-there-is-to-learn Tuhi Stationery Ltd

There's as much to unlearn, as there is to learn

For many of us - there is as much to 'un learn' as there is to 'learn'.  I love old school desk calendars and wanted to make something that would look good, be functional, and most importantly - be a learning resource.  Something that could teach some basics and spark an interest to learn more.

Challenges-of-putting-your-values-into-practice Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Challenges of putting your values into practice

It's easy for us all to take our foundational values as a pakihi for granted or simply forget about them altogether until we need them most - when ...
What-We-Do-to-Reduce-Our-Impact-on-the-Taiao-Environment Tuhi Stationery Ltd

What We Do to Reduce Our Impact on the Taiao (Environment)

A blog about how we contribute to, and reduce our impact on te taiao (environment). Our commitment to our Taiao (environment) is an ongoing process...
Start-using-your-planner-again Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Start using your planner again

Its never too late to start using your planner again.  Do not be daunted by the white spaces, or fear of messing it up - news flash, planners are meant to be messy, that means they are being well used.  Just start, make it yours and get the most out of it!
Stickers-are-not-just-for-kids Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Stickers are not just for kids

We love using stickers because they add colour, sparkle and joy to otherwise plain and repetitive spaces! Our Te Reo Māori or Samoan language stickers can also help in your language journey. 
Rātaka-or-Mahere-ā-Wiki-Daily-or-Weekly-Planner Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Rātaka or Mahere ā Wiki- Daily or Weekly Planner?

There are pros and cons to either a Rātaka or Mahere ā Wiki - daily or weekly planner. The most important thing is that you find a planner that works for your life—and that makes it easier for you to get stuff done.
Te-Ara-Whetū-Pathway-of-the-Stars Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Te Ara Whetū - Pathway of the Stars

Grab a copy of our FREE downloadable digital & hard copy planner that we create annually as part of our contribution to Matariki.  Then check out this blog for tips on how to use it!
Why-Do-We-Still-Love-Using-Hard-Copy-Planners Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Why Do We Still Love Using Hard Copy Planners?

Our hard copy daily planners are our businesses top sellers.  When technology is meant to automate so much of our life, and see the end of all things paper based - why do we people still love hard copy planners? 
Top-5-Benefits-of-our-Daily-Planners Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Top 5 Benefits of our Daily Planners

A daily planner will help you keep track of all the things that need to get done in your day/ week/ month/ year – so that you run your life, not the other way around.
Why-we-use-the-Kupu-Māori-Loan-Words-in-our-planners Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Why we use the Kupu Māori Loan Words in our planners

Do you know where the names of the days of the week and months of the year come from? We share in this blog why we use the Kupu Māori Loan Words for the days and months in all of the resources we use - so we can distinguish between Western measures of the Gregorian Calendar, and our own Māori measures of time.
Maramataka-101 Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Maramataka 101

We cant summarise the maramataka into a 2 minute korero - but heres hoping in 2 minutes you get an appreciation for the vast body of knowledge it is, how amazing our tūpuna were, and ways you can connect to this korero and practice it in your daily life.