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Do you use stickers in your planner? We do and we love them!

Why? because they are pretty. End of Blog Post, Lol

Joking, but that is one big reason I love using stickers in my planner, they are pretty – well ours are! They are pretty and bright, they add colour, sparkle and joy to my planner, and I just enjoy using them. But I guess, having some other reasons may convince you of the untapped joy to be found in using stickers!

Improve use of another language

The big one for our business – is that our bilingual stickers can help you learn and/or improve your use of Te Reo Māori or Samoan language. And if you are already fluent in your language, then isn’t even more beautiful seeing your language in a set of pretty stickers!  

If you are just starting out learning a new language, stickers can help you remember words. Every time you peel off our sticker your language acquisition is reinforced into memory – “Manaia tele – Awesome!”

Learning languages can be hard. It's even harder when you're learning your own, on your own, but that doesn't mean you can't make it easier! You just need to find the right tools. And stickers can help with that. Check out this beautiful image one of our customers sent of us of her sons handwritten story where he had replaced certain words with the Samoan language stickers we have.

 Tuhi Stationery Stickers

Set and achieve goals

Just like a to do list, when you get a little feel-good hit crossing something off the list – so can putting an aspirational or motivating sticker in your planner.  Had a great week? Get those stickers out - “Kua oti – Smashed it” or “Tumeke – Too much!”  

Whether you're trying to get more organized, get in more steps or just set reminders for yourself, stickers are a great way to help you achieve your goals.  Depending on the type you have, you can put in reminders of important events, or just a prompt when “Wā oti – a project is due”. If you have important family events coming up, try using stickers on the monthly layout so you can always see at a glance – that pop of colour and reminder – so you never miss important life events – not just work ones!

Planner stickers can also help motivate you with specific goals, i.e. – if you are on a hauora/ wellness journey – check out our little icon sticker sets with scales/ water/ wellbeing icons – that can be used as either a reminder/ goal – or as an achievement once done! Planner sticker sheets may seem like a small addition, but they truly do make a big difference when it comes to personalizing – and loving what you put in your planner.

Adds creative flair, even when you have none!

Stickers are a godsend for those of us not so artistically gifted who could never do some beautiful calligraphy writing, or even colour in spaces nicely! Stickers do all the work for you to make your space colourful, cute and inspiring – not dull, or repetitive.

One tip – when using stickers on a monthly layout – try to keep all the stickers from one colour palette.  We sell sticker sets in blue, orange, red or pink palettes – so you could keep each month in a distinct colour palette/ theme.  Try it – trust me, it makes your planner look like an artist is at work! Add in some washi tape in similar colour palette/ theme, try some hand writing or stencil writing headings coloured in at the top…..and wow, you got an insta worthy planner in your hands! Not that we are going for that – but you will be amazed at how big a deal stickers are, or can be if you give them a try!

Last words

The right planner stickers can make your planner journey so much fun. They can help you to be more organized, more productive, and more creative (even if you're not usually very creative).

Last words – don’t worry about perfection (I was just joking about the insta worthy pics of your planer!) The only person who sees your planner is yourself (well most of the time!) so use the stickers that sing to you, that bring you joy, that brighten up your planner and make you smile every time you open it and think – yay what’s coming up or reflecting and thinking – that was a great day, week or month.  Check out some stickers and make the most of your planners!  – Kia taea e koe – you got this!

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