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We often get asked, do people still use hard copy planners nowadays? Fair question, technology reaches everywhere, into almost every industry – and the world of stationery is no exception.  You would think, that the answer is no, or that the use of hard copy planners is declining.

Yet, our hard copy Rataka (Te Reo Maori/ Bilingual Daily Planners) and Fuafuaga (Samoan Bilingual Daily Planners) are our businesses top sellers.  When technology is meant to automate so much of our life, supposedly to make everything easier – many of us still can’t live without our daily planner by our side.   Is it just our generation? (ahem…the 45yo + age group)  I used to think so, but then I noticed people of all ages using our planners and made us think, there are still so many benefits of the hard copy planners that digital versions are yet to match!

In every office or home, no matter how modern they are, you will nearly always find a pencil or pen and a hard copy planner. If you’re in my house – you will also find washi tape, stickers, highlighters, coloured pencils and sticky notes….but that’s just me!. So what are the benefits, and why do people still love hard copy planners?

Writing on paper can be more productive

Using a hard copy planner has fewer distractions than a screen does, allowing you to focus more on what you are writing or planning. Let’s face it, we can have every intention of planning out our week on our scheduler….next minute, 30 minutes have gone and we have been watching Tik toks! Its so easy to sidetrack from the task at hand. Writing in paper planners can be more purposeful and keep you in the ‘now’, not scrolling up at every distraction.

Planning on Paper helps your memory

Writing by hand is better for retaining information and it also sparks creativity. It helps information recall, problem-solving and decision-making, an important process that aids memory, meaning you keep on top of your schedule and to-do list in your head too. For many people, writing by hand is something that brings back fond memories.  We built our business from the fond memories of our grand-parents diaries, their handwriting, the important, and not so important things they recorded over the years.  That nostalgia you would never get from a digital app.

They give you a break from the screen

 Putting pen to paper can give your eyes a much-needed rest from your screen – and lets face it, not just the kids need to do this, most of us adults do too!. Screens have a more negative sensory experience, leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety. Many people experience digital fatigue from prolonged time spent staring at screens, and this can lead to long-term eye damage.  We are pretty sure, even if you love to pretty up your planners like we do – those beautiful stickers and washi tape will not give you sensory overload like a screen does!

They are more convenient and budget friendly

Our hard copy daily planners are B5 sized – they are so easy to put in your bag and use them wherever you are. Unlike a digital planner, they are not dependent on battery, Wifi, or cables, making them a better travel companion, and so much easier to open up in bed at night when you’re reflecting on your day, or first thing in the morning when you’re planning the day ahead. And best of all, you purchase it once, no large upfront costs or ongoing subscriptions for some new fancy app that you will often forget your paying for!

In With the Old, Out With the New   

There is still something so satisfying about crossing out something on a list don’t you think? Checking a box on a screen still doesn’t match it. Maybe it’s still the old-fashioned nostalgia that comes with putting pen to paper, the break time we have to plan or reflect, or maybe its just with everything the world has been through in the past 2 years – there is a real joy and peace in writing your thoughts, plans, aspirations and reflections – that typing or texting just cant match right now.


Ultimately, the best planner is the planner that works for you.  We create both digital and hard copy planners so we know there are different features and benefits to both that appeals to different people.  But if you have ever wondered why so many people still choose hard copy planners over the latest technology – now you know there’s lots of reasons why, both scientific and emotional.   Find what suits you best.

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